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Having a fire alarm maintenance contract is arguably as important as having a fire alarm.

Your fire alarm system protects your staff and anyone who enters your building. It's been installed to protect life, as well as property. It's an early warning system that if there's an emergency, it gives time to escape. So it is essential that your fire alarm system is kept in optimum condition.

We give you complete confidence that your fire alarm system will work when it is most needed. We provide you with a Maintenance Contract that allows you to feel assured that should a problem arise we are on hand to help you resolve it as quickly as possible.


We make regular inspections at your business to test and report on your system giving you complete confidence that your fire system will work when it is most needed, in an emergency situation.

You need a reliable, trustworthy team behind your system.

You need a team of engineers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing you with state-of-the-art servicing, products and documentation to keep your system running at its full potential.

You need a partner that helps you to fulfil your legal and insurance obligations. But above all else, you need peace of mind that you are protected. When you partner with Allied Fire Protection you get that team.

Reduce long term costs for maintenance.

Finally, a contract with the right partner, reduces long term costs for maintenance, assured compliance with the latest regulations, maximises the longevity of your system, offers reduced insurance premiums and most importantly, peace of mind.