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Allied SME

Your partner in

Choosing the right partner is essential. It is your duty to ensure you have a certified company servicing your Fire System.

It is a statutory requirement that your fire system is certified regularily. Are you confident your existing fire system will stand up in court? Will your insurance company pay out if you have a fire?

Did you know, if you do not have a regularily maintained and certified fire system under Irish law it is a criminal offence.

Remember with a small supplier, when they go on holidays, so does your fire system. We have a large team of engineers and we never outsource servicing.

We give you that peace of mind that you stay compliant with regular testing with our maintenance contracts.


Your fire system protects your staff and anyone who enters your building. It's been installed to protect life, as well as property. It's an early warning system that if there's an emergency, it gives time to escape. So it is essential that you should be confident in your fire system.

Having a fire alarm maintenance contract is arguably as important as having a fire system.

You need a reliable, trustworthy team behind your system. You need a team of engineers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing you with state-of-the-art servicing, products and documentation to keep your fire system running at its full potential.